Luahan Hati Engku Emran Terhadap Erra Dan Aleesya

Jom baca luahan hati Engku Emran ni:

"Salam ALL...ok this wil be my last pix for tday and id like to dedicate this posting to ALL of u who hv doa-ed fr the best for this innocent girl's parents...tq fr giving me the idea to create the hashtag on her baju...we were in KLCC last nite to look fr a place that can do as such but failed...

but Alhamdulillah tday Aleesya n I managed to find a shop that wud do it...last nite Aleesya n I had an intimate chat again...i asked her if she wud help me win back Mom...and she replied YES!!! wtout hesitating followed by a looooong giggle...Aleesya only giggles when shes v excited...im not ashamed to show that i stil hv strong n steep feelings fr SA simply bcoz SA n i know we r not at fault fr what happened on 18/2...like sum of u commented tday i need to make the first move...fyi i hv done so 3 days ago when i texted SA expressing my undying feelings fr her...

yes i hv always been the CHASER n i like it that way...coz thats the nature of human being...im not prepared to share what actually happened thru out our marriage bcoz its really2 personal...but i really do hope n need ALL ur prayers n doa yg terbaik fr the 3 of us...Aleesya is 50% of me...and the other 50% of Ayah is wt Mom...hence pls #prayformomandayah as Aleesya's tshirt reads...Wsalam "

Semoga mereka berdua kembali bersatu...aminn....
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