Jom Kenali 9 Kanak-Kanak Paling Kaya Di Dunia

1. Prince George Alexander Louis . Has more than 1 year, $ 1 billion in the third line of heirs to the British throne.

2. Suri Cruise . 8 years, $ 270 million in its coffers, thanks to which is included in the list of the richest in the world.

3. Valentina Paloma Pinault. He has seven years and $ 12 million in its coffers.

4. Jaden Smith. 17, $ 8 million. He is the eldest son of actor Will Smith and Jada Smith Pinket. He won $ 5 million for the filming of the movie "The Karate Kid" with Jackie Chan.

5. Casey Jordan. She is 13 years old. This Irish county of Waterford, has a history of three games to iTunes. They say that at age 10 began programming and immerse yourself in computer technology.

6. Isabella Barrett. From age 7 and $ 2 million in its coffers. He has participated in beauty pageants, TV shows and opened her own line of jewelry and cosmetics for children.

8. Prince Moulay El Hassan. He has 11 years and $ 2 million. He is the son of the King of Morocco Mohamed V and Princess Lalla Salma.

8. Dannielynn Marshall Birkhead . 8, has no less than $ 59 million. It is one of those cases where children in a family of celebrities is not like a fairy tale.

9. Rico Rodriguez. He has 16 years and $ 4 million. This teenage actor still has not graduated from high school, and you're amassing a great fortune. The popularity of this boy began with his starring role in "Modern Family".
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