Inilah Luahan Hati Anak Lelaki Uncle Yang Langgar Peugeot CDM25

Susulan dari insiden Peugeot CDM25 dilanggar oleh lelaki yang agak berusia berbangsa cina semalam kali ini anaknya tampil meluahkan perasaan tidak puas hati dengan tindakan biadab pemilik CDM25.

Berikut luahan hati beliau:

To The driver of CDM 25, white color Peugeot 208, that was my father that you bullied. I am going to share this video with the whole f**king world to show what a f**king b**ch you can be even though your religion forbids it. And the worst thing is you harassed my father in the holy month of Ramadan.

What do you expect an elderly man will be capable of that you need to take the steering lock to hit my father’s car? I hope this rays you will reflect that you could be in lock up if my proceeded to charge you of harassment.

But because my father has a kind heart, but i don’t. Especially to b**ches like you. You are now the f**king God Mother of all b**ches. - Robin Sim

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