Gambar Julia Perez Mabuk Minum Di Klub Malam

 Horvet - Julia Perez"s not his name if he did not spit sensuality! Approximately uttered so many people today

. Action showing off its beauty body often showed when he was filling the show.

As happened recently at a night club in the number of Surabaya. Damian Perez"s ex-wife was waddle on stage accompanied by the din of music progresiv. Artist owner of this sexy breasts looked so enjoy the music that was stomping disco in town

visitors these heroes. It"s predictable, dozens of visitors who were attending a private party at the club, hypnotized

by the swaying wild woman Jupe is familiarly called.

Infotainment media team also managed to obtain several pieces of pictures jupe hot hot while dancing on the stage. There is a picture quite challenging, as a lover Gaston Castano is currently holding the bottle, and sipped it with a face that looks drunk. In addition there were several other photos of successful

challenge we got from a reliable informant infotainment media team.

"It think it was the photos taken at the disco

in Surabaya. If no one at Hugo"s Caf. Plasticity Jupe really late at night in a party. "Clearly, a guest speaker who is a photographer.

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selalu je minah ni timbulkn kontroversi. haishh

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